Benefits for Commissioners

MCAP provides raw data and valuable insights for redesigning and refining systems of care. Because it identifies why patients are not in the right setting, MCAP can provide both the data and the insights needed to redesign existing processes or add new services to better meet the needs of patients.

MCAP can help achieve QIPP, CQUIN and HEAT targets by identifying the reasons for delays in discharge or transfer to a more appropriate setting. Typically, healthcare organisations using MCAP can reduce continuing care days by 50% by discharging patients or transferring them to alternative care facilities as appropriate.  MCAP makes this possible by:

doctor briefing nursing students

  • Enhancing understanding of whole health and social care system
  • Supporting strategic planning and decision making
  • Mapping needs to resources
  • Focusing the role of acute care
  • Supporting QIPP strategy (short- and medium-term)
  • Identifying new commissioning priorities
  • Reducing unnecessary and inappropriate referrals to secondary care
  • Ensuring that patients are cared for in the most cost effective setting according to their needs
  • Providing insight to system-wide improvement opportunities
  • Helping build a more effective, better integrated network of care
  • Helping establish scope for effective system re-design

Aiding in early identification of patients requiring social care