Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Clinical Criteria for Discharge software at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

The Oak Group announced today Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has completed their pilot and licensed the Oak Group’s Making Care Appropriate for Patients (MCAP) Clinical Criteria for Discharge (CCD) tool for deployment across all their inpatient beds. Alder Hey are the first specialist children’s centre in the UK to use clinical criteria for discharge software. software at the Walton Centre

Alder Hey’s decision came after a three month pilot evaluation of the software from the NHSE CUR Framework. Deciding to go with the Oak Group was based on the clinical validity of their CCD tool. MCAP is ranked 1st based on combined quality & value scores on the NHS England CUR framework.

The MCAP tool identifies opportunities for whole system patient flow improvements and integration, provides decision makers with the necessary evidence and advanced patient flow analytics in real-time to support improvements in admission reduction, MDT discharge and system integration. In 2015 NHS England introduced a substantial Commissioning for Quality and Innovation scheme (CQUIN) to support providers in adopting clinical utilisation review/Clinical Criteria for discharge technology for specialised admitted patient care and critical care in 2015/16.

The goal of the CQUIN is to improve patient flow, enhance quality and ensure patients are treated in the most appropriate clinical settings, freeing up staff time and hospital resources.

“We welcome Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to our ever growing client community and really look forward to supporting them in their deployment of CCD to reduce inappropriate admissions and length of stay. This is an exciting time for the Oak Group and CUR development in the UK” said Alistair Frost, CEO, The Oak Group.

About The Oak Group
The Oak Group supplies a Clinical Criteria for Discharge tool to increase efficiency in providing healthcare by ensuring that patients receive the right care in the most appropriate care setting. The Oak Group is the leading provider of solutions for ‘Care Setting Management’ in both Medical/Surgical and Mental Health. We provide an evidence-based tool, Making Care Appropriate to Patients (MCAP), to help healthcare organisations quickly and accurately identify both the most appropriate care setting for each patient based on clinical need and the reasons why some patients are not being cared for in the appropriate care setting. Clinical Criteria for Discharge at Alder Hey. Clinical Criteria for Discharge at Alder Hey. Clinical Criteria for Discharge at Alder Hey. Clinical Criteria for Discharge at Alder Hey.

Clinical Criteria for Discharge at Alder Hey


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