MCAP Software

MCAP Clinical Utilisation Review (CUR) software discovers the blockages to patient flow and the reasons behind them, thus empowering the clinical teams to make the data driven decisions to fix these issues, improve quality of patient care, re-allocate resources identify and reduce inappropriate admissions and delayed discharges to free resources.

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The MCAP Criteria for Medical/Surgical, Mental Health and Substance Misuse Disorders are developed and updated through a rigorous and structured process grounded in medical evidence. This process is on-going, integrating two critical aspects.

First, a thorough annual internal review of all criteria, review by outside experts and reviews of the literature drive purposeful revisions to ensure that the MCAP Criteria continues to represent the latest in medical, surgical, mental health and nursing practice. Our on-going process ensures that the MCAP Criteria will continue to have both face and construct validity. Second, informed by feedback from clients past and present, we are constantly attempting to increase ease of use through continued refinement of both criteria structures and diction.

As a result of this evidence-based process, a revised set of criteria is released every year. These criteria are valid, easy and quick to use, and appear deceptively simple. The structure and format of the criteria are designed with a single purpose: to obtain consistent and reliable information about the process of care delivery.

The MCAP Criteria can help change care delivery on a constant basis and provide information for use in quality improvement projects..