senior female patient in hospitalMCAP provides healthcare organisations with the information they need to optimise patient flow.

MCAP includes a comprehensive reporting tool (MCAP Reports) that enables easy, simple, fast, but comprehensive interrogation of the database to generate reports and export data into MS Excel for further analysis. Data retrieval is flexible and dynamic, allowing the inclusion or elimination of multiple fields in any given report. It offers standard comprehensive reports that can be grouped and filtered by many different fields such as hospital, service, physician, patient, reviewer, reason, criteria, as well by user-defined fields.

Operational Reports

The data can be used to produce operational reports to manage admission and length of stay and report on the challenges of patient flow. MCAP has the detail to drill down and tell you which departments and practitioners have the highest rates of non-qualified admissions and continuing care days so that you can best take advantage of your opportunities to make sure patients are receiving care in the best setting for them.

The most common reason we found patients were not treated at the appropriate level of care was that clinicians lacked an integrated framework to delineate between service levels. The Oak Group’s MCAP tool provides that integrated framework, making it an indispensable resource for clinicians in deciding where their prescribed course of care should be administered and how best to follow that course while saving time and resources. This is how we improve patient care.

Commissioning Reports

Commissioning reports can be produced to better understand the service level requirements of the patients based on their individual need and to understand the diversity of the patient population identifying post care requirements early. The reports can be used to report back to the CCG on external provision demand at the various levels of Care.

There infinities a near-endless variety of reports that can be created from our software, and it can also provide:

  • Review of Patient’s Clinical Requirements
  • Review Patients of Mental Health Requirements
  • Comprehensive assessment of the Patient profile
  • Comprehensive assessment of the patients Complexity (risk factor)
  • Comprehensive assessment of any readmissions
  • And much more