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Additionally, we offer an active admission avoidance service called Support Team to Redirect Emergency Admissions (STREAM). Whereas audits are retrospective, our STREAM service is a concurrent application of MCAP implemented by our dedicated team of nurses. Our experienced team will conduct admission reviews on an ongoing basis and work closely with clinicians to ensure that patients are placed at the right level of care in a timely fashion.

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STREAM can deliver a significant reduction in admissions and help place patients who are admitted at the right service within the hospital. By identifying which patients could be treated effectively at a different level of care and assisting with placement for those who need acute care, MCAP STREAM can help you meet admissions targets, strategically distribute vital resources, and improve care quality overall.


Similar to our STREAM service, we also offer the aid of a Flow Assistance Support Team (FAST).  What our STREAM nurses do for admissions, our FAST nurses do in the wards.  Our experienced team will conduct concurrent MCAP continuation reviews on an ongoing basis for patients who have been admitted and work closely with clinicians to identify barriers to timely patient care and, ultimately, timely discharges.

Our experience shows that without a clinical utilisation review (CUR) system in place, about half of days of stay in UK hospitals are avoidable. The Oak Group’s FAST teams can help you use MCAP to significantly reduce that number by identifying patients who could be safely and effectively treated at another level of care and by identifying barriers to discharge, disclosing valuable opportunities for systemic improvement.  MCAP FAST can help you reduce unnecessary lengths of stay, increase bed availability, and focus your resources and services where they’re needed most.