It takes no more than 3-4 minutes to review each patient on admission and less than 1 minute for subsequent length of stay reviews to determine if they are in the most appropriate care setting, understand the main reasons why they are in that care setting if it is not appropriate and identify the most appropriate care setting.

senior healthcare

Set up

Implementing MCAP is quick and easy: it draws on data held in existing systems and easily interfaces with a wide range of technologies. The solution is primarily provided as browser-based software, requiring minimal support from the in-house IT team, and with a trust-wide license, the MCAP tool can see unlimited use in any project or initiative across the organisation.


We also provide training in how to use to tool for our client’s in-house staff, enabling efficient and independent use. We offer training for the user, training for designated trainers, training for IT to offer first line support for the tool and awareness training for clinicians so they understand the differences between qualified and non-qualified admissions and continued care without having to be able to use the tool. Finally, our reports can help provide insight and support you with the data.

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